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GrokVNC Viewer
A lightweight VNC Client for Windows.
They said it couldn't be done! (well actually, they said it shouldn't be done, but let's not split hairs). A Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator, written entirely in Visual BASIC! Full source code and FAQ available.
Hot on the heels of the Speccy emulator, is an emulation of the Spectrum's older brother, the ZX81. It uses the same, hyper-inefficient, Visual BASIC core as vbSpec, but due to differences in the display hardware and processor speed of the ZX81, this happily runs at full speed on a 133MHz Pentium or better. Full source code available.
QuoteRight is a small Windows utilty that reformats an unbroken paragraph of text in the Windows clipboard into a form suitable for 'quoting' in an e-mail message or news. That is, lines are split into a user-definable length without breaking individual words, and a quote character (typically '>') is placed at the start of each line.
SnapList takes a Sinclair ZX Spectrum "snapshot" file as input and converts any BASIC program code it contains into a plain text file for editing/printing. Full C source code is provided, along with binaries for Windows and Linux platforms.
ZXText2P is an open-source command line utility that takes a text file containing a ZX81 BASIC program, and turns it into a ".P" file suitable for loading into your favourite ZX81 or TS1000 emulator, thus making the process of writing ZX81 BASIC programs much less painful! Full C source code and binaries for Windows, Linux and DOS are available.

Please note: This free stuff is provided "as is" with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. Basically, if it works for you then by all means use it - if it doesn't, feel free to let us know, but please don't expect a resolution.

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