SnapList v1.0
This is a quick'n'dirty web page for my little "snaplist" utility. I'll put something slightly more visually-impressive up when I have more time...

What is it?
Snaplist is a small command-line utility that takes a ZX Spectrum .SNA snapshot file as input and spits out an ASCII listing of any BASIC program code it contains. The output file is compatible with Russell Marks' zmakebas utility.

It's GPLed. That means it's free and you get the source code. Umm... that's about it really. - The zip file contains ANSI C source code, a readme file, and binaries for Windows and Linux (ELF, Pentium).

Philip Kendall has produced a utility called listbasic based on snaplist. It does everything snaplist does, but also supports Z80 snapshots. It's available from The World Of Spectrum as part of the fuse-utils package.

Chris Cowley