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QuoteRight turns a clipboard full of material into quoted lines with a carriage return + linefeed character pair (<CRLF>) at the end of each. You can specify the desired line length, and the quote character to use.


On usenet, and with Internet e-mail, the defacto standard method of quoting another person's text in a reply is to preceed each line with a quote symbol (">"), and intersperse your response amongst the quoted text. For example:-

On 18 Sep 1999, John Doe wrote:
>This is the text that John Doe wrote. As you can see, each line is no
>longer than 80 characters and each quoted line is preceeded by a '>'

This is the reply to John Doe's comments. Again each line is no more than
80 characters wide.

>This is more text quoted from John's message.

And this is a response the the above quoted text.

Using this method, you can read any message from top to bottom and understand who is replying to what without having to scroll the text up and down and guess which parts of a reply apply to which parts of the original message.

Unfortunately, some mail and news programs do not produce well-formatted 80 column text by default, making it very difficult for anyone replying to use the method of quoting shown above. QuoteRight fixes this by reformatting any text in the Windows clipboard into lines of a pre-specified length with, if required, a user-specified quote character at the beginning of each line.

Download QuoteRight 1.11 - (174KB) - To use QuoteRight, simply unzip this archive and run the QuoteRight.EXE file.

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