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Compiling Songs

Ripping Songs

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Keyboard Commands

Piano keys:-

Notes from the octave above the currently selected octave:

Notes from the currently selected octave:

Other Keys:-
Numeric keypad, keys 1 to 5 set the current octave.
F4 - Play the current pattern
F5 - Play the entire song
F6 - Play from current position in song
F8 - Stop playback (also SPACE bar)

A - Insert a note-off/silence in the specified channel.

Ins - Insert a new note at the current location
Del - Delete the currently highlighted note
Ctrl+Del - Delete the currently highlighted note (and shift the remaining notes up)
Ctrl+S - Save current song
Ctrl+Z - Undo the last change to the current pattern
Ctrl+C - Copy the current pattern to the clipboard
Ctrl+P - Paste the clipboard pattern