The Complete Spectrum ROM Disassembly

The project is now complete!

Who did what - A list of the raw pages, as originally submitted to the project.

This is a project to create an electronic (text) version of the book "The Complete Spectrum ROM Disassembly" by Dr.Ian Logan and Dr.Frank O'Hara, published by Melbourne House (Publishers) Ltd in 1983. It stems from this thread in the news group comp.sys.sinclair, and from the work of Mark Street who has produced an image-based PDF of the book .

The book is long out of print, and it's my understanding that the copyright is currently owned by the authors but, to date, I have not been able to contact them to ask for permission to distribute it.

If you are Dr.Ian Logan or Dr.Frank O'Hara, or if you know where either of them can be reached, then please email me at In the absence of any information to the contrary, I am taking the slightly-dubious stance of assuming that it's okay to continue with the project to make this book available in electronic form.

Download The Finished Products:
The finished versions of the book include all corrections provided by Geoff Wearmouth's list of errata.
PDF and ASCII plaintext versions - Hosted by World Of Spectrum
Zipped Microsoft Word Document
Zipped RTF Document

I claim no ownership of the above files, use them as you wish.