Manic Miner for Cybiko Xtreme

Very much a work-in-progress...

Screen shots:-

"Loading Screen" Title Screen Central Cavern (1) Central Cavern (2)

Currently Implemented:-
Title Screen, Loading of Level and Sprite Data, Collision with background objects, Walking Left & Right

Most Notable Non-implemented things:-
Jumping!, Enemies, Sound/Music, Levels 2 to 20.

LEFT = Left, RIGHT = Right, ENTER = Jump (not currently implemented)

For testing purposes, pressing ESC will cause Miner Willy to fall from a height of 60 pixels. When in the bottom-left corner of the screen, this will cause a life to be lost, elsewhere on the screen it will move him to a higher platform.

Pressing ESC on the title screen terminates the game.

Download (7KB) -- For Cybiko Xtreme.

Original Game by Matthew Smith, (Unfinished) Cybiko port by Chris Cowley.