Artist: voxel^triumph

Beeper dance.bbsong (SFX)
Beeper Rock'AnD'Roll.bbsong (SFX)
DabaDa.bbsong (SFX)
Dream of beeper.bbsong (SFX)
Low rain.bbsong (SFX)
my beep song.bbsong (SFX)
Up and Down.bbsong (SFX)

All the songs in this folder were composed and created by Voxel^Triumph

Visit his website at:

When downloading a *.bbsong file, select "Open" or "Open with...", choose the path to your unzipped Beepola.exe installation, and tick the "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" checkbox. *.bbsong files will then automatically open in Beepola whenever you download them.