Arrtist: Irrlicht Project

amelie.bbsong (TMB)
arp_chaos.bbsong (TMB)
b107.bbsong (TMB)
burndownthemusicstudio.bbsong (MSD)
ip-sfxrox.bbsong (SFX)
savague.bbsong (SVG)
sfxtek.bbsong (SFX)
tserebralnoenarushenie.bbsong (MSD)

All the songs in this folder were composed and created by Irrlicht Project

Visit his website at:

When downloading a *.bbsong file, select "Open" or "Open with...", choose the path to your unzipped Beepola.exe installation, and tick the "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" checkbox. *.bbsong files will then automatically open in Beepola whenever you download them.